Jotun, a Norwegian company, is amongst the world's leaders in the manufacture and supply of paint. In more than 50 countries, Jotun has built its reputation for quality, reliability and friendliness.

In Pakistan, we are one of the leading distributors for Jotun Paints and have the credit to introduce Jotun Paints in Pakistan. MBP were exclusive agents for Jotun Paints from 1989 till 2005. In 2005 Jotun management decided to form their own company in Pakistan. Over the years, we have established Jotun as the premier brand of paint products in Pakistan.

MBP offers a wide range of Jotun products. There are three paint divisions handling Marine, Industrial and Decorative paint finishes.

MBP also provides Paint Recommendation Services, to protect, preserve and beautify structures throughout Pakistan. Our technical team can help you design an effective ‘Paint System’, which can extend the life of your assets many fold.

Active in every aspect of coatings technology, MBP and Jotun Paints, endeavour to provide our customers the best possible solutions for their individual requirements.